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Indiana Time and Weather

Time, Weather and Astronomy Links
for Northeast Indiana

A Feature of
Mike Walter's Auburn, Indiana, Message Board

Auburn, Indiana: N Lat 41 22 0, W Long 85 3 32
Elevation: 869 ft

Today is

This site was last updated on October 24, 2006.

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Click for Auburn, Indiana, Forecast

Click Here for National Weather Service Indiana Forecasts by City and County

Click Here for National Weather Service DeKalb County Forecast

Click Here for National Weather Service Indiana Flood Forecasts

Click Here for Official Time from the U.S. Naval Observatory

Click Here for Eastern U.S. Geostationary Satellite Image

Compare with NWS National Doppler Radar Loop

Click Here to Find Your Town's Latitude and Longitude

Click Here for WANE-TV Fort Wayne WeatherCam

Click Here for IPFW Geosciences Weather Center

Click Here to Calculate Wind Chill or Heat Index

Click Here for StarTrak from Indiana University
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Click Here for U.S. Climate Reference Network

Click Here for Indiana Climate Data Archives

Click Here for Indiana Average Precipitation

Click Here for USDA Indiana Crop Weather

Click Here for Intellicast Satellite Imagery

Click Here for Indiana Lightning Strikes

Click Here for Auburn Clear Sky Clock

Click Here for Indiana Ozone Forecast

Click Here for Solar Activity Report

Click Here for Sun and Moon Data

Click Here for Aurora Forecast

For local weather anytime Ask Jupiter,
MIT's voice-recognition weather computer,
at 1-888-573-8255.

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Learn About INCHASE: Indiana Chasers of Adverse and Severe Weather

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