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Where to go to find some answers:

I am not going to say that these are the only places where you will find answers, but atleast it's a start. I am trying to get together as many links as possible to be able to help spread the word about the Melungeons. If you have questions, try these links for a start and lets see if we can help find the answers.

Some good sources of MELUNGEON information

A picture showing the view from Newman's Ridge, Hancock Co., TN, right outside of Sneedville, TN and home of the Melungeons
Open Directory of Melungeon Sites
Melungeon Homepage
Frequently asked questions and much more
Martha Short's Melungeon links page
The Melungeon Heritage Association, Inc, a new site that is just being set up
The Melungeon List Webpage
Mountain Ties
Melungeon Page
In Plain Site A fascinating site describing archaelogical findings in the middle of the United States of folks who were not supposed to be here but were
Appalachia Creek Family History & Research
Appalachian Mountain Families
The Mystery of the Melungeons
Hancock County, the home of the Melungeons
Melungeons and Redbones
The Mystery of the Melungeons, by Nancy Sparks Morrison IIGSÖ Newsletter - October 1998
Appalchian Creek Research page
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware Free African Americans
Virginia's Indians, Past and Present
New River Notes, resources for the Upper New River Valley of NC & VA. (Ashe, Alleghany, Watagua and Wilkes County, North Carolina and Grayson County, & SW VA
The Melungeons: Tri-Racial Isolates In a Clinch (Valley) - a short article
Southwest Virginia History and Genealogy (Many Melungeon surnames on the list)
From Virginia Tech, comes the story of MELUNGEON-COLORED, by Mildred Haun. Excellent story - be sure to read it
Melungeon Research page

For Health Related issues:


Homepages of Melungeon Descendants & possible Descendants

Roger & Bertie's Homepage - Check out their Melungeon page for some really neat pictures!!
SPARKS Genealogy
Melungeon Heritage
Home of the Original Kansas Sundowner! Click on the Melungeon connection Bev Annie's Genealogy Page
Our Family Tree- researching Martin, Van Namee, Mann, Goodman, Lowry, Rutledge, Roark and others; seeking info about Melungeons, Native Americans and Black Dutch
Cousins Corner
Ashworth Family Page
Leven Cole Page
Family History Page of Donald and Cedarsong Panther-Yates
Bolling (including Bolen, Boling, Bowling, etc.) and Baker family
Bunch Family of KY
Biggs Family Researchers
Davis Family Researchers
The Gowen Research Searching all spellings of this name including Goen, Goings, Goin/s, Gouen, Gorins and many others

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