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Jamie's Medical Technology Page

This is a page dedicated to my college major, Medical Technology. Ball State has one of the best programs in the nation. I chose this major because of the many options it leads to after and before graduation. This is perfect for the unsure college student, as I once was! This page is a work in progress, and hopefully by the time I'm finished, this page will be a good resource for people considering going it to Medical Technology. This field is in high demand, and is truly rewarding! Check back often, and please sign my guestbook!! Last updated on 04/13/2000.


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THE PROFESSION: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY is the profession devoted to the diagnosis and management of illness by analysis of blood, body fluids, and tissues. Medical Technologists are clinical laboratory scientists who perform hundreds of laboratory tests that are used by physicians to determine the cause of illness and the extent of injury. Such tests can identify the most appropriate medication, dosage, and response to treatment. For example, a medical technologist may isolate a disease causing bacteria and determine from tests which antibiotic will be effective. Another technologist will measure the concentration of the antibiotic in the patient's blood in order to insure that the dosage is optimal but not toxic. The clinical laboratory sciences are composed of blood banking, chemistry, hematology, immunology, and microbiology. The technologist who works in the blood bank performs tests that determine if blood is compatible for transfusion. In chemistry, tests are performed that measure proteins, enzymes, hormones, electrolytes and other important metabolites in the blood plasma. The immunology lab evaluates the patient's ability to respond to disease and measures antibodies that can indicate infection or immunity. Medical technologists in the microbiology lab isolate and identify disease causing bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Medical technologists working in hematology count and evaluate blood cells, and perform tests that are essential for the management of anemia, leukemia and coagulation disorders.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY has grown exponentially over the past two decades. In 1968 there were approximately 50,000 medical technologists certified by the American Society of Clinical pathologists. Today, that number has reached over 230,000. Advances in technology have created the ability to measure trace substances that were unknown less than a generation ago. New diagnostic techniques utilizing DNA technology, image analysis, and computer processing are on the frontier and are expected to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, and infection. Better techniques are being developed to monitor medications used to control transplant rejection, heart disease, psychiatric disorders, and many other illnesses. Medical Technologists play important roles in laboratory management. Many universities offer programs of graduate study in clinical microbiology and chemistry, and post baccalaureate training for specialist certifications in each laboratory science is available at several health care institutions and universities. Students who enjoy their high school biology and chemistry labs will find medical technology an attractive profession. Beginning salaries in Northern Ohio are in the low thirties, but can be much higher in other areas. Demand for certified technologists is expected to increase through the next decade.

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