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Although John G. Sweeney was married three times and there were children from each of those marriages, I will only include the children from the marriage that I descend from .My direct lineage ancestors will also be capitalized for easier finding. If anyone is interested in information regarding the other children please contact me and I will be happy to share this with you. I will include the listing for the spouses of ONLY my direct lineage.While my information in some areas of this line is limited, I do have much in other areas of it such as other spouses, etc. Only the year will be listed for the birth and death, and for obvious reasons, no dates included for the living descendants.As stated on the previous page, I know that the father of John G. Sweeney was named John but I will not start the lineage with that generation. I believe, John the father to be the one listed on the 1830 census for Putnam county, but that is all that is known. I encourage anyone connected with this line to contact me and I will be happy to exchange data with you.