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Debbie Jennings
4th Great Granddaughter of John G. Sweeney

John G. Sweeney was said to have been a man of strong values and highly opinionated in his politics. Although he never held or ran for office, he was always active in the democratic party work. From what is told he was a successful stock raiser in his community. He is my 4th great grandfather and the earliest ancestor that I can document at this time. I know though that his father was also named John, but nothing else is known of him.John G. was born in 1830 and he died in 1914 while farming his land. It was originally thought for quite sometime,that John G. Sweeney was born in either Kentucky or North Carolina. Upon recently finding his obituary, it tells that he was born and raised in Greencastle township, Putnam county, Indiana.Also, that he had lived in the county all his life, except for a couple of years.John married Rutha Bradshaw in 1853 and they resided in the Clinton township area of Putnam county.His property later was in the Madison township area, behind the present day Long Branch Cemetery. Rutha had died by 1860 and John married twice more.My line of descent is through his first marriage. His second wife being Lucy Ann Wright and the last wife, Nancy Frank. There were a total of 12 children born within these marriages. Some remained in the Putnam and Owen county areas with a few going to Illinois and South Dakota.John and Nancy are buried in the Long Branch Cemetery in Madison township, Putnam county, Indiana.