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Debbie Jennings
8th Great Granddaughter of Jacob (Vinclai) Winkler

From the University Library in Salzberg, Germany the meaning given for the surname of WINKLER is "man who lived in a corner", such as surrounded by mountains,woods, or where one brook meets another making a corner.Jacob Winkler born in 1688 is my earliest documented ancestor in the Winkler lineage.Jacob married Anna Catherine Wendel and they had 5 children. One of those children was Lewis (or Ludwig in Germany, and he was the immigrant. Lewis was born in Germany in 1726, and he immigrated to America aboard the Good Ship Edinborough which landed in Philadelphia on September 30, 1754.Along with Lewis was a good friend, Phillip Heinrich Ratz; their grandchildren later married in North Carolina in the late 1790's. After the arrival in Pennsylvania, Lewis migrated in about 1775 to the Potts Creek area of North Carolina. Lewis fought in the Revolutionary War as did his son, Francis.Lewis is shown in the 1790 Rowan county, North Carolina census and resided with his son, Henry at the time of his death in 1799.In 1790, Barbara Winkler, daughter of Francis, married Henry T. Ratts and they migrated to Washington county, Indiana about 1823. By 1830,the Winklers had left the Potts Creek area; Henry migrated to Kentucky and Francis migrated to Washington co. IN in 1824.