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Debbie Jennings
4th Great Granddaughter of Phillip Sechrist

Phillip Sechrist is my earliest documented ancestor in this line. He was born in 1790, although it is uncertain if he was born in North Carolina or if he was born in Pennsylvania and brought to North Carolina as a child. There have been no parents found for Phillip to this date. There were other Secrest's in the Rowan county, North Carolina area where he married and they also migrated to the same part of Morgan county Indiana that Phillip did and about the same time, but no documentation can be found for any relationship. Phillip married Mary Sullivan in 1815, that fact is documented in the marriage records.The couple migrated to Ray township, Morgan county in the early 1840's. Phillip was a cooper by trade. He sent two boys to the Civil War and lost both of them in 1863; Phillip died about this same time also.The surname was originally spelled SECHRIST, but about August of 1850, Phillip had it changed to the current SECREST.When Phillip died in his will, he mentions each of his children, but not his wife, giving idea to the fact that she may have been dead prior to that. Phillip is buried in a cemetery in Morgan county,that has since been destroyed. I encourage anyone who is reseaching this line to contact me.