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Debbie Jennings
4th Great Granddaughter of George Nutterfield


Little has been found on the Nutterfield lineage, despite the unusualness of the name. This line marries into both my CARTER and BALDWIN lines. The NUTTERFIELD surname has been spelled a variety of ways through the years. These variations include: NETTERFED,NUTERPIELER,NUTAFEE,NUTTERFEE.Needless to say, tracking has not been an easy job. George Nutterfield was born between the years of 1772-1774, this based on military service. Although it is uncertain just where he was born, it is known that in 1792 George enlisted in Lt.Walker's Company of Rangers for the "Territory South of Ohio". George later served in the Davidson county of Rangers, also for the "Territory South of Ohio"; the exact date is unknown, but the Rangers were formed about 1790 and disbanded by 1796, so it can be assumed that the second service was prior to 1796. George is found in the tax & census listings of Shelby county, KY for the years of 1800-1820.George Nutterfield was married to Nancy McWilliams on June 23, 1803 in Shelby county, KY.Five known children for this couple have been found, however, based on census records of the time; there were obviously more. The known children were: ELIZA(1810);GOALSON(1812);MATILDA(1815);SARAH;and LOTT.George died between 1820-1830,as Nancy is shown as head of the household in the 1830 Spencer county KY census(Spencer county was formed of Shelby in 1824.Nancy is next found in the 1840 cenuss of Owen county IN, living next door to John Carter and her daughter, Eliza. She died sometime prior to 1850. Of the known children of this couple: MATILDA married James Baldwin(son of Thomas)on 5-7-1834 in Owen county, IN.//GOALSON married Sarah Cooper on 6-30-1830 in Vermillion county,IN// LOTT married Sarah Micheltree in Martin county, IN. ELIZA who is my direct line ancestor in this family, presents another puzzling issue. ELIZA was born on July 26, 1810 in Shelby co. KY. She married at some point to John Carter, and they became my 3rd great grandparents. However, to date no marriage record for this couple has ever been found. Also, there is an existing record in Nelson county,KY; stating that George and Nancy Nutterfield give permission for their daughter,Eliza to marry Andrew Pittman on May 23, 1822 and they are married the same day. This doesn't fit in with the age for Eliza at that time.She would have been less then 12 years old.Even so, there has been mention through the years, that there did exist a first marriage for Eliza.To bolster this theory, although Eliza and John Carter went on to have 13 children--the first one is listed as born on 1-28-1828; which would make John only 15 years old at the time of his child's birth (he was born on January 2,1813).John and Eliza had migrated to Owen county IN by 1833 and settled in the Taylor twp area.They later moved to Putnam county,IN and Eliza died on May 2,1866. There were 13 children born to this marriage, these are well documented in family bible pages. ELIZABETH (1828); NANCY JANE(1829);MATILDA ANN(1831);MARGARET ELLEN(1833);CALVIN A(1835);LUDWELL(1837);GOALSON(1838);JOHN STAMPER(1840);COLUMBIA(1843);LUCY JANE(1845);GEORGE MASON(1847);LONZO(1848);MORRIS(1851).Both Morris and Calvin are direct line ancestors of mine. In conclusion, anyone who is researching this line I would be most happy to exchange data with you.