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Debbie Jennings
6th Great Granddaughter of Charles Murphy

My Murphy line is descended from Charles Murphy born about 1765-1770 in Montgomery county,MD. Although I cannot prove it as yet, I feel strongly that Charles is the son of John Murphy also of Montgomery county, MD. I do know that the brothers of Charles were: Gabriel, Hezekiah, Phillip and James. These siblings are verified in Revolutionary pension records. This family of sons and the father is found in Montgomery county, MD, also in Loudon county Va and later in Nelson county KY. They are all living within the same areas on the census records.This and the heavy repetition of the naming in the families gives me reason to believe that they are all of the same family. Anyone wishing to discuss this theory further with me should contact me. Charles Murphy it is believed married Ann Elliot in Loudon county, Virginia on April 10, 1793.Charles shows on the tax listings for Nelson county KY in 1800.He appears on the census records up until 1830, after which there is no sign of him. It is thought and felt by some that he came to Owen county IN and died there about 1842; however, I cannot prove this, or that the Charles who died in IN in 1842 is one and the same as mine.Charles and Ann had 9 children during their marriage. The first one was Mary Ann Murphy who is my 5th great grandmother. Mary Ann married McKinney Baldwin on March 30 of 1816 in Nelson county, KY. Mary's birth is recorded in the pages of the Baldwin bible although her death is not. Originally it was felt that she died sometime around 1856, but she is shown living in the household of her daughter Lucinda and her husband, Ludwell Combs in the 1860 census of Owen county, IN. Although I have done much searching, I cannot find a place of burial for her at this time. Her daughter, Lucinda and her husband, Ludwell are buried at the Combes Cemetery. However if Mary is also there, she is in an unmarked grave. Of the other children of Charles and Ann, Thomas married an Asher and Benjamin married a Truax..both prominent lineages in my research. Within the descendancy charts I will list it beginning with John as the father of Charles as there is too much documentation proving this for it to be ignored.