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Debbie Jennings
7th Great Granddaughter of John McCullough

John McCullough was born on June 16, 1755 in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.According to his pension files, his father's name was also John. This has become a much more difficult line to follow then I had first imagined. Apparently, there were several John McCullough's in and around the same vicinity and time.His pension files divulge alot of information regarding migratory patterns and his military service, however, nothing is mentioned regarding his family. That I have obtained from various sources, including bible records and other researchers.His migratory patterns can be easily verified with a number of governments records; census, land records, marriage records. It is unknown the origin of this McCullough line, but I am thinking that his father was the immigrant. Through other researchers there have been many theories as to Irish or Scottish. It is unclear if John actually liked the military life or he was extremely patriotic, as it seems that most of his early life was spent enlisted or immediately re-enlisting in units. John first enlisted in York county Pennsylvania and on the 25 of July 1776, they marched to Bargaintown, New Jersey and joined the troops of General Washington.He was discharged in November of 1776, after a battle with the British. He next enlisted in Mecklenburgh county, North Carolina and battled the Tories. Again in 1778, he enlisted in another company and later battled against Cornwallis. He then moved from Carrabas county, North Carolina into Cocke county Tennessee this was about 1787. The family resided in Cocke county, Tennessee for 3 years before migrating north to Pulaski county, Kentucky in about 1790. The family remained there in Kentucky for 30 years and most all of his children married there to sons and daughters of men who had fought with John in the Battle of King's Mountain; Evans,Modrell,Newell.John received a land grant of 200 acres in 1799 and it listed in the tax listings of Pulaski county from 1799-1824. At that time, he migrated further north into Owen county, Indiana.Many of the Evans, Fain, Moderall and Newell families also migrated around this time. Although there were 8 children and much there is much documentation for those children, a wife for John has never been found. The next time John appears in county records is in 1834 when he submits he affidavit for his pension. Many of the heads of the same families stand for John and sign sworn statements attesting to his integrity and his service in the military actions. The year 1836 is the last reference I have to his still being alive as a letter is written to the War Department on his behalf. His pension was stopped shortly after this with a mention of him being deceased. I urge anyone following "this" particular McCullough line (as there are many) to contact me and I will be happy to exchange info with you.