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Debbie Jennings
6th Great Granddaughter of Thomas Lockhart
Great Granddaughter of Charles Butler Lockhart

Thomas Lockhart born about 1727 is my earliest documented ancestor in this line.He is also perhaps the most aggravating ancestor as from all appearances, he had no parents. Although this Lockhart line used many of the same names in several generations, names such as John,Thomas,William,and David; these are also names prevalent in other lines of Lockhart. All attempts to find his parents have led nowhere, although there are many researchers of this same line, everyone is coming up at a loss in this area. Thomas was born in the Lancaster county area of Virginia.He owned much land in Albemarle and Henry counties in Virginia and in Orange county in North Carolina. Thomas married Elizabeth Stockton sometime around 1747 in the Albemarle county Virginia area.It seems they remained in this area,until about 1765, judging from the birthplaces of the children. The Thomas Lockhart home was on property in Henry county Virginia prior to 1791 and in Patrick county Virginia after that due to county line changes.It is unknown exactly the date of Thomas' death, but it is known the his will was written on November 24 of 1790 and it was probated on May 30, 1791; so sometime in between those dates.Thomas was most generous in his will to his wife and children, unfortunately it is unknown where Thomas is buried.I have much on this Lockhart line with the exception of parents for Thomas; if anyone is researching this line, I encourage you to contact me so we can collaborate on this. Thomas' son, William migrated to Washington co. IN about 1817. From there his children migrated to different areas in Indiana and other states.His son, Thomas migrated to Hendricks county, Indiana and his sons, John and Joseph remained in Washington county, and son, Stockton, migrated to the Owen county area of Indiana. Stockton is my direct line of descent.