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Debbie Jennings
4th Great Granddaughter of Joseph Herbert
For Descendancy Chart

Joseph Herbert is the earliest documented ancestor I have in this line.Joseph was born on February 22, 1809,in New Jersey it is thought. Joseph married Mariah Hanna prior to 1833 in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey.There is some speculation regarding Mariah's surname as every reference to her carries Mariah (Fanning)Hanna,giving idea that perhaps her maiden name was Fanning.Mariah was born on November 20,1812 in Pennsylvania. Joseph and Mariah migrated to Indiana just prior to 1841, settling in Cloverdale twp in Putnam county.Joseph was a wheat and cattle farmer and also a blacksmith by trade.This couple resided on a farm on land which is now Leiber State Park. There were 11 children born to them. Joseph and Mariah are both buried in the Herbert Cemetery which lies just within the Leiber State Park. Herbert died on February 14, 1886 and Mariah died on May 1, 1890. Although many researchers have tried, no place of origin or parents have been found for either of these persons.Neither has a place of marriage or positive place of birth.It is thought that the Herbert line came from the Hobokken area of New Jersey, however, this was a major area full of many immigrants, so alot of persons came from there. If you have interests in this family line, please contact me.