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Debbie Jennings
5th Great Granddaughter of Ephraim Goss
8th Great Granddaughter of Jacob Goss, Sr (about 1671)

The Goss lineage in my files is so massive that I could probably do a complete website on it alone. However, I will attempt to condense it onto this page. Although most think the Frederick Goss born about 1701 is the oldest ancestor to have come over on the ship, this isn't true. There is evidence in the ship records that his father, Jacob Goss, SR born about 1671 was also aboard.According to the ship records of the JAMES GOODWILL; there were 6 members within that family, but only 3 were to be sworn in. Listed as being sworn in are Jacob Goss Sr.,Jacob Goss, Jr and Fredrich Goss. This ship arrived in PA on September 27, 1727. Although Jacob Goss Sr. was listed as sick on arrival, he did take the oath.I am under the assumption that he is buried in Pennsylvania where the Goss line resided until their migration to North Carolina in about 1740.There is no evidence that he ever arrived there with them,also the fact remains, he would have been about quite old at the time, so it is unlikely. Frederick Goss born about 1701 is however, the first of this line recorded in Rowan county, North Carolina.Where this line actually originated from in Europe is an ongoing controversy,areas include England, Switzerland and Germany. They were known to be German speaking so that I would think would narrow it to Switzerland or Germany. It is obvious to me that the Frederich Sr who was aboard the ship, also brought with him at least 2 children and perhaps a wife. There are 6 listed in the family and with only men over age 16 being listed, this would be the elder Jacob Sr, and his 2 sons Jacob Jr and Frederich.No wife for Frederich has been found to date, but there are 4 children recorded for him. Two of them not born till sometime after 1740 so therefore not on the ship and one Frederich b. 1720 and a daughter born unknown. It is entirely possible that the daughter was born later and that a wife made the crossing with him. I descend from the Frederick born in 1720.He migrated to North Carolina "about" 1740, he married Isabella Rickard (daughter of Jacob) and they had 13 children. This family is found in the early church records of Becks Church, which now lies in Davidson co. NC. There they used their German bibles and hymnals and it is known that German was the predominant language in their homes. Even though the families remained true to their heritage, they were also most loyal to there new homeland, and it is rare to find the GOSS who was not involved in some form or another in the Revolutionary War, all holding the positions of officers. My direct line descends from the 4 son of Frederick Goss born in 1720; Ephraim Goss born in 1770, he married Anna Workman and they migrated to Washington co, IN in the year of 1810. The family remained there until about 1818 when Ephraim purchased 640 acres of land in Owen county from John Lindley.Ephraim moved his family to this land, which was still inhabited by Indians, and there a church,school and burying ground was created.The original land is now where the town of Gosport sits.Ephraim's brother, Daniel later joined him there and became one of the largest and wealthiest land owners in his day.The Goss family in Indiana was a most prosperous one in business as well as land.Although, many of Ephraim's children remained in the Owen and Morgan county Indiana area,one daughter married and migrated to Iowa. My direct line comes through his daughter, Rebekkah, who married Henry Ratts and they settled in the Paragon and Rattsville areas of Morgan county, IN. Both Ephraim and Anna are buried in the Old Goss Cemetery, which now sits on private property.