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Debbie Jennings
6th Great Granddaughter of Andrew Evans

My earliest documented Evans ancestor is Andrew Evans born in 1759. There have been many theories as to his parents, but none that I can prove yet and so they are not listed. Andrew was born in Mecklenburgh county, North Carolina.He fought with Colonel Campbell's Virginia Volunteers in the Revolutionary War.Andrew also was a part of the Battle at Kings Mountain.Throughout his military career he fought in many battles and fought the Cherokees in the early settlements of Kentucky and Tennessee.It is thought that one of his sons was killed in one of these skirmishes. In about 1780 in Washington county Tennessee, Andrew married Elizabeth Fain, (daughter of Nicholas Fain). They remained in Tennessee for less then 10 years, as he is listed in 1799 as Commissioner of Revenue in Pulaski county KY. There in Kentucky, his children were raised and married. The Evans family was well acquainted and intermarried with the Newell and McCullough families,these families all seemed to arrive in Owen county about the same time.By about 1817, Andrew was in Owen county Indiana, and most of his children later followed him. Andrew first occupied land in Taylor twp and later in Harrison twp of Owen county. Andrew was appointed as the first sheriff of Owen county in 1821 I believe.From 1817-1839, there are seven different parcels of land shown as entered by Andrew Evans.He and his wife,Elizabeth are buried in the Old Asher Cemetery which lies on land that they once owned. I encourage anyone who is following this lineage to contact me and I will gladly share information with you.