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Debbie Jennings
4th Great Granddaughter of Rosella Baldwin


Henry Baldwin born about 1700 is my earliest known documented ancestor in the Baldwin lineage. It is unclear whether Henry was born in America or born in England and brought here as a small child.In either case, he married a woman named Mary, and they had 3 children, Edward,Mary and Henry; all who were baptized at All Hallows Parish in Anne Arundel co, MD. My line of descent runs through Edward who was born October 15, 1725 in Anne Arundel co, MD. Edward was a planter in the All Hallows Parish district.Edward married to Susan Meek in about 1749; although some reports have her listed as Sarah.There were 4 children born to this couple, one of them being James born about 1750 who later married Sarah Rawlings.Their son, Thomas Baldwin is my 6th great grandfather.Thomas came to the Nelson co. KY just prior to 1800 as he is listed in the 1790 census for Anne Arundel co, MD. It is at this point some questions arise in the line as although Thomas has 7 proven children, definite proof of his wife cannot be found. Most of his children migrated to IN in the early 1820's,some to Tipton co,and others to Owen co and their descendants to Morgan county.A few of this line later arrived in Iowa,Missouri and Illinois in the late 1850's and early 1860's.Regardless of where they lived, most of them were substantial land owners and heavy partakers in their local offices. In some ways,it makes it easy that this particular line was most partial to handing down names to each generation with the names of William, James, Thomas, Samuel,John,Henry,Mariah; all of these being most repetitive. But in other ways, it makes for difficulty in sorting them all out. Another habit this line has is a massive variety of surname spellings:Baldon,Baldwin,Balden,Boldon,Bolden all of these used at different times by the same person. I would be most interested in exchanging data with anyone researching this line.