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My Thoughts

I would like to take this time to explain more about what M.S. does to people. I remember reading somewhere about a man with MS who went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Well by the time he checked out he was so exhausted he had to ask someone to help him take the groceries to his car. The boy who helped him with his groceries asked him why he needed help, because he looked perfectly healthy. The man told him he had M.S.

The point of this story was just because a person with MS may look fine that doesnt mean that they are 100%. My husband looks great but when he gets fatigued it knocks him off his feet. He gets so tired its hard to wake him up, I think he would sleep through an earthquake. I dont think many people understand MS. I think its important to educate people more about this disease for many reasons, some people have employers who dont understand why the worker is always tired, and why he/she may slack one day or even one week on their work duties. Friends and family members dont understand why they may seem distant or, just so tired. Its hard for people, in general, to understand what the person with MS is truly feeling unless someone tells them. I know for some people it is hard to talk about what they may be feeling because you may think that no one will understand, but it is up to people that have this disease to talk to and educate their family and friends. Doctors can talk about what they have seen or been taught, but only the person actually dealing with this, can really shed light on the personal experiences they are going through. Everyone is different, and therefore exerience symptons differently from mild to extreme. So it is up to you to tell your loved ones about your disease.

I also want people to know that in most cases MS is not a disease that just takes over your body all at once, it can be a very slow disease. Many people get scared because they think of ending up in a wheelchair, but that is not always the case. The best advice I can give is, do your best to live all the days you have on this earth as best as you can, go take a walk, spend more fun time with your loved ones, take time to enjoy "LIFE", because whether you have MS or not no one knows what the future holds.