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My Poem

Living "Life" With M.S.

I am someone whose life has changed. My thoughts and dreams have been rearranged.

I have a son and a loving husband of two years, and now when I look at them I fight back my tears.

We have recently been told my husband has a disease. He has M.S. and I asked the doctor,"tell us there's a cure, oh please!"

No such luck there are only medicines to slow it down. We wanted a second opinion so we went to another town.

We were given the same diagnosis as the first. We were so upset, I think the second time hurt the worst.

All of these emotions went through our minds. So we started reading everything on MS we could find.

We are still so scared and very sad. I think my husband is more frustrated and mad.

So he is doing his best to fight as long as he has to. We just keep on praying thats what we "need" to do.

I pray for him to always be able to run with our son. They both love one another and no matter what they'll find a way to have fun.

I also pray for everyone who has to deal with the pain of this disease besides us. We all have to keep fighting and give "God" all of our trust.

So I leave you with this thought in mind.... Don't ever give up, and always live your life to the fullest you possibly can.

*Please do not use this poem without the written permission from myself. Thank You.

Copyright2000 Ivone