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Teardrops in the sand
And it is quickly gone
All to soon forgotten
I watched her weeping
Standing there in the rain
As the rain fell on her face
I couldnít see the teardrops fall
But they fell just the same
I seen the pain in her eyes
I heard the holding back of the whimpers to come
Like tear drops in the sand
The rain fell so soft
I wish it were I touching her there
But all I could do was wish
For it was I the reason she cried
I wanted to hold her till they fell no more
I wanted to tell her I still cared
When you love someone so much it hurts
You must set them free
You must let them search their soul
Will they come back again?
Or will it be just another
Teardrop in the sand
I still love you
Iím still your friend
Iím standing right here
I had to set you free!
And as sure as that teardrop
Lands on the sand
Runs to the sea
Iím be standing here
Waiting for you to return to me
Then weíll walk on dry land
Kick the sands in the winds
Teardrops in the sands