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I hear you whisper my name in the dark.
I look around but your not there,
Spend all my time searching thru the endless mist
Still I canít see you,
I feel your touch upon my skin
The gentle warmth of your fingertips
I hear the rise and fall of your breathing
Reaching out to touch you, only
To find the emptiness of the night
Closing my eyes, your here with me
Hear your laughter,
Talking, walking, sharing our dreams
Placing my hand upon my heart
I know youíre there
Whispering my name.
Knowing a love such as yours
Feels my heart with an excited joy
Living inside my heart. as you are.
Shows me a love that is unconditional
As I awaken each day,
My heart is fill with the thoughts of you
Hoping you hear me as I
Whisper your name