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To Whom It May Concern
You do not know me 
yet you sit in judgment of me 
You have not visited my home 
yet you condemn me for where I live
You look at me with hatred filled eyes 
yet you have not seen into my loving heart
You want to destroy me 
in the name of some misguided passion 
yet you know nothing of the passions I feel
You despise me for things circumstances and fate
dictate yet you do not understand that these things 
belong to a higher power and are not of my making
You have categorized me and 
associate me with those you choose to hate 
yet you do not see my individualism and what 
I may offer you

I do not profess to know you, therefore, 
I can not sit in judgment of you
your judgment will come when 
you stand before your higher power
and account for the atrocities and pain you have
inflicted on your fellow man
I do not hate you or condemn you for your beliefs, 
location or circumstances because 
they may differ from my own
in my eyes the true measure of a man are his actions 
and for this alone
I can and do condemn you. 
If you must condemn me then 
do it knowing who 
I am and not just who you think I am.

I am an American by birth and by choice
We are a nation born into adversity it is what binds 
us together, the fabric of our existence, it is what 
makes us strong. Your senseless act has only succeeded
in making us stronger and bringing us closer together.
We are not just geography or a people. 
We are an ideal that can not be destroyed.
You may succeed in inflicting pain on us, destroy 
everything that we hold dear even kill us, 
but you will never destroy the ideal that is us.
It will only be multiplied 20 fold and in the end you
will only be a fly speck on humanity's backside.




Lee Greenwood

God Bless The Usa


We can either feel hopeless or powerless or we can take action. 
(Most of us will do all 3!)

Red Cross 
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