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"Knowledge is power. Love, Happiness, and the pursuit of absolute truth is what keeps us going."

My Love Never Lost Tamed Hearts Believe
Angel Dreams Staring
Grace Pure Our Dream
Upon A Stone Of Faith

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    Celebrate life,
    live, laugh, and dance.
    Celebrate love,
    give the untried a chance-

    Celebrate you,
    let your toes run through the grass.
    Celebrate friendship,
    let by-gones truely become the past-

    Let your hair fly and float,
    in the track of the uncoursed wind.
    Let the moonbeams come home to your eyes,
    and let the sunshine begin-

    Show a stranger your heart,
    and let them share in the love that is you.
    Dream the craziest faerie fantasy,
    grow wings and make them come true.

    Let the pain of reality drip dry,
    as you unleash salty crystaline tears.
    Then trap them in a bottle, cork it,
    and send it up river with your fears-

    Let inspiration move your body,
    in ways you never knew how.
    Flex your soul, let your spirit go,
    and live in the now-

    Celebrate your loved ones,
    that are now within the gates of heaven.
    but do not weep, for they are always there,
    as long as you believe in them-

    Celebrate the uncelebrated,
    scream as loud as you can.
    Because everything that you celebrate,
    is part of who I am.

    © 2000 Krista Helms
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