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What HANSI Does                        

The human body is the most marvelous mechanism ever created on earth. If it weren't for built-in mortality, the body would be a perpetual-motion machine. In the function of the immune system, everything is provided for, including self-defense and self-repair. This incredible system can be damaged or destabilized or rendered almost totally dysfunctional by any number of negative influences. When it needs help, it needs help desperately, and HANSI is the answer to its plea.
What is HANSI? HANSI is a compound formed of the essences of plants and minerals found in the rain forests and deserts of Argentina, which are vastly diluted, energetically stored in water and introduced in tiny amounts into the human body. HANSI then activates, strengthens and balances the body's immune system, which becomes stimulated to perform its innate function - fighting disease and restoring homeostasis.
HANSI is a liquid in several formulations for general treatment, and can also be designed for specific diseases. It is administered orally/sublingually ("O", "V"), by intra-muscular injection ("Z"), by inhalation ("X"), and/or by HANSIPUNCTURE ("Z").
HANSI appears to help first by acting temporarily as a surrogate for the immune systems. This process can take anywhere from a few months to three years. The time period is totally dependent upon the individual being treated. In cases where the body is so damaged by disease that it appears to be beyond redemption, HANSI relieves pain, restores appetite and energy, slows further deterioration, and enhances quality of life. And HANSI has been clinically proven to be 100% non toxic and hence performs totally without harmful side effects.

Presently it is not known exactly how HANSI works in the human body. The scientific community is just beginning to comprehend the way biological activities are transferred to water through molecular memory.

HANSI's various formulations are all based on plants and minerals and mixed differently for specific administrations. They are:



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