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Cookie Songs

  • Cookie Song to tune "My Bonnie"Click here to play
    We sell all our cookies by boxes
    We sell all our cookies by case
    Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies
    They put a big smile on your face!

    Cookies, Cookies,
    Thin Mints and Carmel Deli-i-(clap)-igts(clap)
    Cookies, Cookies,
    Peanut Butter and Lemon Pastry Cremes (clap)(clap)

    You'll lo-ve to mu-nch our cookies,
    They're only sold this time of year!
    To g-e-t your Girl Scout Cookies,
    Buy them, We're selling them HERE! (refrain)

  • Cookie Song to tune "Battle Hymn Republic"Click here to play
    We're selling Girl Scout cookies
    Yes it's Girl Scout cookie time!
    "Would you like to buy some?" Is our cookie selling line
    We've got lots to choose from,"Don't you see your favorite kind?"
    Buy some here today!

    Glory,glory we are Girl Scouts
    Smiling, cookie selling Girl Scouts
    Buy some Girl Scout cookies you can munch along the way
    Please help us reach our goal today.

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