I Truly Miss Her

I truly miss her
And each day she seems a little further from my grasp
But when I close my eyes I still see her
And I can't help but squeeze my eyes shut to make the image last

But eventually the image fades
And I'm just left with the darkness that comes with closed eyes
But I keep my eyes closed for a little longer
As I wait for another memory of her to slither by

And I remember a kiss from her soft sweet lips
That seems as if they occurred in some distant time
As I remember how much I enjoyed those kisses of hers
So sweet and distinct that I can't help but lick mine

Ooh and I remember the passion between us
And my absolute love of her hair
I remember so passionately kissing and grinding against her
As intoxicating music laces the air

And for some reason everything seems to taste like her
And every scent except for her's seems the same
But eventually all those sweet memories will start to fade
And One day I'll find myself struggling to remember her name.

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