The Jackass

He's a jackass
he uses her
takes advantage of her ignorance
her codependency
her need to belong
and her low self-esteem

He's a jackass
he tells her he loves her
then goes and hurts her
then tells her it was all her fault anyway
"you make me treat you like I do, baby"

He's a jackass
But he'd rather call himself a player
and take advantage of a girl with so much potential
with his over protectiveness
his jealousy
and his stupidity

He's a jackass
he encourages her low self-esteem
she can't even compliment herself because of him
she refuses to believe that's she's anybody
because he tells her that she isn't

He's a jackass
and when I see him I will kick his ass

June 5, 2000 "the jackass"

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