Her lips still tasted sweet. We kissed for a long time as my hand exploered various parts of her body. I moved down her body with my mouth. I licked and sucked her nipples, as she rubbed my head showing her approval. I started licking kissing my way down below her navel. She spread her legs inviting me to taste what was in between. I Purposely took my time and I started to lick her inner thighs. I could smeel her wetness for me. I used my hand and I rubbed her clit. She shivered with pleasure. I could see she was more than ready. But I remvoed my hand, teasing her, and continued making circles on her thigh with my tounge.

"Please..." I heard her whisper as I moved my tongue further up her leg.

"Please...Please I want it now" She begged as I kissed and licked her thigh just a few inches from her pussy.

"What do you want?" I softly asked her. She places her hand on her pussy and started to rub, showing me what she wanted.

"I have something better" I said moving her hand out the way. I then stuck two fingers deep into her juicy wet pussy. She cried out as i moved my fingers in and out of her. I started to go faster and each moan grew in voulme. I knew she would be cuming soon. But I wanted to prolong the orgasm. So I slowed down to almost a stop. I pulled my hand a little out of her slowly then I pushed it in hard. She cried out in pleasure each time. I slowly started to increase the speed and the pressure of my fingers going in and out of her pussy. Then I heard a knock at the door. I tried to ignore it but it just got louder.

"Who the fuck is knocking at my door like that?" I said kinda to myself. Of course the beautiful girl on my bed didn't respond. I think she was to distracted to even hear me. I started to fuck her even harder and faster willing her to cum because the knocking at the door was relentless. I knew eventally I would have to get up and answer it.

"Please don't stop" she said reading my mind.

"Don't worry baby, I won't stop. No one can make me stop fucking you" I said moving my fingers deeper inside of her. She started to get much louder and she was breathing really hard. I knew she was about to cum any second so I moved my hand and my fingers faster. She grapped the sheets tight and she came hard. I removed me hand from her pussy and I startd to kiss her.

"Shay, It's really important. I have to talk to you" I heard someone scream from behind my closed door.

"I have to answer that" I said to the beautiful girl laying on my bed.

"I know but I don't want you to go" She said wrapping her arms around me tight.

"Baby I'll be right back" I reassured her as I got up from the bed and headed to the door. I opened it up. Tisha was standing outside the door. Big wet tear streaks lined her big round dark brown face. Her eyes were all puffy and she had a box of tissues in her hand.

"What's the matter? What happened to you?" I asked her kinda concerned yet my mind still played upon the images of being with the girl on my bed.

"What the hell took you so long to answer the door?" she said half crying half angry as she pushed herslf into my apartment.

"I was kinda busy" I said following behind her completly forgeting that there was a girl laying naked on my bed.

"Oh" Tisha said half surprised half annoyed as she noticed that I had company.

"This is..." I said as I fumbles around the room loking for where I threw the girls clothes.

"Jennifer" Said girl on the bed said finshing my sentence as she made no attempt to cover herself up. I pass her her shirt and her underwear and she takes her time putting them on.

"Why is she just laying there like she to stupid to understand she needs to put clothes on" Tisha asked clearly with an attitude.

"If you have a question you need to ask me instead of acting like I'm not here" Jennifer said getting off the bed and putting on her other articles of clothes.

"Look Bitch I don't know who the fuck you think you is but you don't know me, okay?!" Tisha said as she threw down her boxes of tissues ready to fight. I had tisha bad not wanting them to brawl over somthing so stupid.

"I'll show you a bitch" Jennifer said as she came up and slapped Tisha hard across the face. I was stunned I know Tisha was shocked cause it took her a second before she realized what happened.

"Why the fuck did you do that?" I screamed at Jennifer as I still held Tisha back. I wasn't about to let her girl cause I didn't want her to beat the hell out of Jennifer.

"Let the bitch go, she isn't gonna do anything to me" Jennifer said as Tisha cursed and swung in jennifer's direction. I had to increase my grip on Tisha cause she was mad as hell. Jennifer then left and slammed the door behind her. I took my arms from around Tisha and she turned around and slapped the hell out of me. She then pushed me on the bed.

"Who the fuck is that bitch? You supposed to be my girl. We go way back. How you gonna let her slap me like that? Is that pussy so good you can't even think straight? You better be happy you my girl or I'd whup your ass right here!!!" Tisha said ranting and raving not given me a chance to talk.

"I was holding you back cause I didn't want you and her to fight. I didn't know she was gonna hit you like that".

"Well She did. You should have let me go. I should go chase that bitch the fuck down. See I came here all trying to talk to you about some serious shit and you here acting all stupid" Tisha said once again talking all fast.

"Tisha I'm sorry. You know that me and you are tight. I'm really sorry I just didn't want you and her to fight" I said when she finally stoped talking long enough for her to take a breath. Her face softened a little and she sat on the bed beside me.

"Tisha what's so serious that it had you crying earlier?" I asked her showing concern.

"Well I came over here cause I just found out I'm pregnant"

"You what?" I asked clearly shocked. I prayed that it wasn't Tony's baby

"Yeah I just got back from the doctor she told me I'm 4 months pregnant."

` "Four months pregant!!! Who's the dady? Tell me it aint Tony. Damn let it be anybody but Tony. Man it can even be the mailman with the messesd up eye."

"See why you playing? This shit aint funny. Of course it's Tony's baby I haven't been wth anyone else."

"How?"I say still pretty shocked

"What you mean how? He fucked me and I got pregnant. That is how it works. I know you aint forgot just cause you haven't had dick in a long time"

"Now you know I didn't mean it like that. I'm just surprised. Man was't he just locked up?"

"Yeah but that was on some real ill shit. he didn't do anything those cops want to try and lie on him and stuff. But I know he didn't do it cause he don't get down like that."

"So what you going to do? Are you gonna keep it?"

"I don't know I haven't told Tony about it yet. I'm upset cause I know he gonna say it aint his. He already told me he don't want no kids."

"Oh" I said not knowing what else to say. I put my arms around her and she started to cry again.

"I don't even know what I'm going to do with a baby" she said wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

"Well you know I'm gonna be there for you. You need anything just give me a call. I mean if lil Tony needs diapers or you want to you need money to buy a hat to go on the baby's big head. Or you need to borrow a paper bag to put over it's ugly face in public I'll be there for you."

"My baby aint gonna be ugly or have a big head" She said laughing. She sat up and punched me lightly in the arm.

"Don't get mad cause you know I'm right" I said with a smile.

"Well I'm bout to go" She said getting up from the bed.

"Aiight" I said as I gave her a hug. Sometimes Tisha can have a real bad atitude but I still loved her like a sister. She left and I locked the door. As I pulled the sheets off my futon bed I saw the sports where Jennifer had laid not to long ago. I then realized I that I didn't have or number or anything. I sat onto the bed wondering when I'd see her again. I glanced at the clock. It was now 2 in the afternoon. All at once I realized how tired I was. I closed my eyes as images of Jennifer played within my head.