It's still hard for me to grasp the fact that someone could be so cold. I don't see how she can just walk away from me like that. I know I don't mean anything to her. But she means the world to me. I've always convinced myself that what we have together was fated. I figured my wanna be relationship was written in the stars. I imagined us to be the modern Romeo and Juliet. But so far it has been nothing of the sort.

I remember how we met. The weather report reported that it would be a stormy night. I had been in downtown brookyln all day shopping for some clothes. The rain had just started to dizzle as I flaged down a cab. The cab driver pulled up to the curb and I got in.

"Where to?" he said, with an weird accent, as I tried to get comfortable on the hard cab seat. For a second I got lost in my thoughts as I watched a girl approach the cab window.

"Where are you headed?" She asked as she opened the cab door.

"Uhh...uptown" I say a little taken aback by her beauty. She had the most beautiful dark brown eyes I had ever seen. She smiled as drops of rain fell from her chin.

"Scoot over" I remeber her saying as she lightly pushed me so she could get into the cab. I moved over and she climbed in and closed the door. Then she turned to me. I was at a lost for words all I could think about was how rich and chocolatey her complexion was. I stared at her for what seemed like forever. But my captivity was interrupted by the cab driver's accented voice.

"What is this?", he asked "Do you think I have all day to sit and wait for you people? Tell me where you want to go. Do you even know this girl?", he said as he turned around to look at me.

"Uhh..." I started to respond but I was interrupted by the strange beautiful girl sitting beside me.

"Of course she knows me." she said as she grabbed my hand. "As a matter of fact we are lovers, and we went to go uptown." She said squeezing my hand tighter.

"uhh 531 Felix street" I said as I stumbled over my words, even more confused about who the girl was. The cabby then turned around and started to drive. I remember her holding me hand. Then she placed her other hand upon my leg. Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek. I was then overwhelmed. I didn't care who she was or what was going on. All I longed to do was to be with her. We sat the whole cab ride staring into each others eyes and holding hands. The cab driver then pulled up in front of my apartment building.

"I'm coming with you" she whispered in my ear. As I reached for teh door handle of the cab.

"Okay" I said in a breathy daydream like way. The cab driver then notified me that the fare was 15 dollars. I throw the money over the seat to him and I get out of the cab.

It was still raining when I got out fo the cab. I remeber just standing on the street in the rain wondering exactly what I was getting myself into. I didn't spen any time contemplating my dilema. Because she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her sweet lips against mine. Are lips parted and I found her tongue within my mouth. We kissed slowly and passionatly with each kiss more intimate than the the one before. The rain kept falling but I failed to notice.
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