No Regrets

maybe I've made a mistake
a real mistake
yet one that is so small and minute.
That it could fit in my pocket
And be lost in the neverness.

I have my mistakes and my forgets
I carry them through the crowd.
like a shawl to combat the burning cold.
In others hearts that drills through my soul
leaving me empty and wanting more
wrapping myself into knots of guilt
to find where I went wrong
to somehow make down look up
but standing on my head is pretty tough.

I'm not complaining
I'm as happy as pie
But I'm two steps away from starting to cry.
to my candor I would take nothing back
I would do it all again
and fall in the same crack
free fall to where I am now
paint my face with an upside down frown
I would pull on my shawl made of forgets and mistakes
and continue my life watching every step I take.

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