"Will My Red Show"

Every now and then
I glance towards the door
as my heart and my mind
play a game of tug-of-war

My heart tells me that my love
will decide to grace me with her presence today
But my mind knows that my Red
will more than likely stay home anyway

I feel helpless
cause all I can do is sit and wait
cause right now it's to hard to learn
it is amost impossible to concentrate

So I glance at the door again
wishing she would show
My mind tells me she won't come
But it's not like I don't already know

Because this is how life is
this is how it works
life is made for moments like this
where either you're numb or you hurt

And I wish that somehow or another
that her I could see
cause for some reason or another
I want her to want me

Because every night just before bed
or around a time when it might as well be
I make a wish and I ask out loud
for my Red to want me

So I wake up each morning
wishing that my wish has come true
But right away I know it hasn't
So then again I feel blue

But blue's not what I want
I want to see Red
just like the aura she emitts
and the hair on her head

so I keep wishing
and hoping for the day
when Red will be mine
and with me she'll forever stay

So as glance toward the door again
hoping that my wish has come true
and I see my Red walk through the door
and once again my love is renewed

And I smile to myself
as she sits in her seat
and I glance at her hair
that's so unorganized and neat

she tells me she doesn't know why
she showed up for the half hour left of class
as I pray to God that
the half an hour doesn't go by too fast

Cause nothing brings me more joy
than spend the time with her that I do
Cause it's the end of the year
and I know these precious moments are few

So I treasure these moments
as if they were my last
As I sit with my love, my Red
in my second period spanish class

June 1, 2000 "will my red show"

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