"My Love"

I wanna fall head over heals for you.
I wanna look in your eyes,
and travel a million and one years away from here with you.
I want to love you.
I want to care for you.
I want you to know that I will always be here for you.

cause I love you
but you don't know

I love you baby. I love you
It's true you see.
I have never loved anyone as much as you.
I care for you.
So much that your smile makes me cry.
Your beauty is beyond the surface
It radiates like the sun in the sky.
Your beauty surrounds me making the world look so pretty.
My eyes are opened and little things thrill me.
I walk around intoxicated.
I just feel so high.
My feet leave the ground
and my head touches the sky.
When I'm with you time stands still
and the world becomes a frozen jewel resting on my window sill.

all cause I love you
But you don't see

The fact that you could never love me
still lingers in my mind
cause I love you so much
Love of the real kind
Not the fake kind of love
that's all special effects
The real kind of love
cause you're just so perfect.
That I wouldn't change a thing about you.
If I had a wish to be granted true.
But I would give the world just to make you feel how I feel.
To fall in love with you just feels so real.

But you would have never guessed
and probably never will

It's okay if you never love me
with that I could live
as long as I know that you're happy and safe
and that you have found someone for you
and I pray for your sake that their love is true
cause to see you hurt
is like a 1,000 and one pinpricks in my side.
and I hope tears of sadness will always
be foreign to your eyes

All because I love you honey.
But I wish you knew
So you could see the world that I am offering to you.
October 6, 1999

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