I wonder sometimes about her intentions.
I wish I could see inside her head.
Maybe then I could sacrifice some of my suspicions.
And I wouldn't have to sit and try to interpret what she just said

But it really doesn't matter much. cause I'm just her ball of yawn.
Like the ones cat's play with and they don't miss when it's gone
It really doesn't matter to me, if it did I wouldn't say.
Cause I'm just her little play toy so when she uses me I think it's okay.

I think I am more like the safety nets that those tight rope walkers use
I'm her safety net to keep her from falling to the ground.
To keep her from getting a bruise
I'm just like her life saving jacket that won't let her drown.
You know I'm there for her just in case she needs me
I'll always be by her side, even if I have to stay in the background

I don't mind being used.
You know I think it's okay.
Well maybe I do mind it.
Or at least I think I do.
But I'm not really too sure anyway.

It really doesn't matter.
I'll just let it be
I really don't want to do anything about it.
Cause she means that much to me
It kinda feels good to be needed and all.
Even if it is only sometimes that she stops and thinks of me.

You know sometimes I wonder what it would feel like just to let her fall.
Or to have her grab for me and find that I'm not there.
I really wonder how she would feel.
or if she would really care
It's a shame that I will never find out.
Cause forever her's I will be
But I wish that maybe she'd consider
Or at least acknowledge what it must feel like to me.

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