Her Box

In her transparent box
she sits
dreaming of another world
where she can fly
It rains
The problems seep into the cracks in her box.
she pretends not to notice
In hopes that I'll go away

She distorts herself
tacking up the sides of her box
trying to disappear into the walls

Her barrier holds
but the water inside continues to rise
on the outside looking in
she looks fine
a little dazed with a convoluted mind

Depression sets in
with it's "oh so lonely" feeling
the things that used to bring her joy
are now hollow and metallic
like the holes in her heart

She needs help (but she's too proud to believe it)
She wants help (but she's too ashamed to ask for it)
anyway it's too late

The water in her box has risen too high
her tears fill the water
with lost hope and despair

alone she dreams
feeling sorry for herself
wondering what her life would have been like
if she was someone else

Alone she floats for all time
dreaming of the life
she was trying to find.

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