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The odds are against you
100 to 1
you spin the wheel knowing you're on the right side
but even if you are right
you will find out that in the end that you have always been wrong

so you walk away
as beady eyes cover you with guilt
and make you admit that again you were wrong

so you swear
that next time you won't play the game
and when asked you say no

but guilt eats away at you
as you contemplate whether you have just missed
the first time that you'll get lucky
and maybe find what you were looking for
or maybe get what you deserve

you eventually give in
and get back into the game

but once again
you end up on the floor
grasping for something solid
something secure in your life

you realize there is no comfort
in banging your head against the wall

eventually you start to think
that maybe this is how it's supposed to be
and maybe you do deserve what you've been getting

but hey someone has to be the loser
or the one to luck out,br> if it wasn't for you
then some other poor defenseless soul would have to suffer
and you don't want that
or would you?

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