Eventually Dreams Will Stop Coming My Way

all my dreams
are gone
but then again
I ask myself were they really there in the first place

I don't think so
I've never really cared that much to make any
I'm too lazy and it requires too much work on my part
in the end I am what I am

Whatever that may be
I'm asked when I'm gonna actually try
or put a little effort into it
I will when I eventually start to care

when I actually acknowledge that I exist
I'll begin to care
then I'll stop skating through life
and maybe take some control of the happenings around me

But I don't want to be in control
I know that people in control are responsible
and I don't want to be the cause of my failure
Even though it looks as if I am

Each year I promise myself
that I'll try harder
that I'll try to care
maybe break the record that I'm stuck within

But then again do I want to?
Do I want to leave my cosy seat by the window?
do I want to step outside
and take control my destiny?

I think not.
It's too cold out there and out there it hurts
But I know it hurts me to just sit by this window
and watch my chances slowly dwindle away

But inside I can hurt
It's better to hurt then to be numb
Maybe next time
I might act upon what dreams may come my way.

That is
when they do come
if they continue to come
at all

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