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Indiana State Fair 2007

This is R.J. early on in the heat after putting a hit on the legendary Larry Stats.

Here R.J. is going back to back with a very solid mid 70's cadillac.

R.J. is in the background of this shot. His rear bumper got ripped off and his backend went straight up making a mess out of the rear of the car.

This is R.J. close to the end. He had a good run, the car was still decent up front and was running great but he ended up finishing several places out of the feature when he broke his transmission in half.

Aaron is trying to shake his bumper and line up a victim for his next shot early in the heat.

Aaron was able to lose his bumper and is still looking good halfway through the heat. R.J., however had his rear end explode and was still dragging his bumper around.

Aaron is taking a good front-end shot on the front suspension of this mid 70's Cadillac.

Aaron is getting ready to pull off the track with the front coming up after escaping with a very hard fought heat win.

Bruce is lined up waiting for the green flag to drop to begin his long awaited return to the State Fair.

Here Bruce is a little into the heat still looking good and straight, before some carburetor problems would end his heat race and send him to the consey.

Here is Bruce early in the consolation race putting a good shot on the front of a leafed ford box wagon.

This is Bruce toward the end of the night. The car is getting hot and this is right before the bad fire that eliminated him one spot out of the feature.

Bruce Bailing out. This is the scariest moment our demo team has been involved in. It just goes to show you can do everything the right way and be extra careful in your build, but bad things can still happen on the track. This is a very dangerous and unpredictable sport we are involved in. Bruce was pretty banged up and had some bad burns but we're just thankful because it could have been much worse.