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Rushville 2007

This is R.J. at the begining of the heat taking some hard hit as soon as the flag dropped.

Still early in the heat, and the car is still looking pretty stout.

Here R.J. is putting the finishing touches on an axel he just broke.

Toward the end of the heat R.J. beginning to get singled out a little bit and here he is going for a ride.

The beginning of the end for the 98 and R.J.s night. The front tire laid over and he couldn't get around good enough to avoid the big hits. It wasn't long after this that he went for a ride over the logs and dropped the driveshaft.

Here is the 98 before the start of the Rushville show. This car was going on it's third season and we all had the feeling that this was going to be it's last ride.

Here is some action from the other heats of the night. Rushville always draws a unique mix of old iron.

This is just a picture of some of the other competitors of the night.

Here is one very hard car sitting in the staging area getting ready for the feature.

Here is the car after the heat, the front held up surprisingly well but the rear was junked so we finally get to lay it to rest. Standing by the car is Travis Steinhauer, a member of the Wanamaker Shakers, who volunteered to swing a sledge for Hoi Demo Team on that night.