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Noblesville 2008

Aaron returns to the driver seat of the "Shark" at the inaugural demolition derby at the Hamilton County Fair grounds. Here he is lined up and ready to go in the first heat race of the night.

Aaron about a minute in the heat on what turned out to be a very muddy track.

An early end to a disappointing night. The lower A-arm ripped apart on Aaron and eliminated one of the biggest competitors of the night. Torry Stiles said it the Best "The Shark can't swim with a broken fin".

Here R.J. is early on in the second heat race of the night still looking good, on his way to an eventual second place feature finish.

This is R.J. toward the end of the heat, looking pretty rough. You'd think he would have learned at the 2007 State Fair, you shouldn't go back to back with Larry Stats.

This is Pat Miller in the tech Line before the 2008 Noblesville Derby. He brought his left over Marion County car to finish it off, even though it was a little under built for this rule set.

Here Pat is looking good early on in heat number three of the night.

Pat has taken some heavy damage to the front end of the car about halfway through the heat but still managed to keep it going on his way to a heat win.

Here is Pats car heavily damaged after the heat race.

Here at Hoi Demo team we have been known to pull off miracles but for this car there wasn't goin tp be one. We where short of pit help that night and had a lot of work to do to R.J.'s car. As much as we hated to do it we did not put this back together to take the track, even though it still ran and drove.

Here is Travis Steinhauer's (Wanamaker Shaker) left over 1973 Cadillac from Marion County after some repairs where made to the front end. This is before the 2008 Noblesville Derby.

Early on in heat number three for the night Travis is taking a good shot from Ryan Daming of the D.E.R.T. derby team.

Here's Travis a little later in the heat, the nose of that caddy is starting to roll back up to where it was after the Marion County show.

Here's Travis doing what he does best, putting a good solid shot on the axel of this mid 70' Ford wagon.

Toward the end of the run. The front frame pushed back into the tires and Travis had some problems steering. He was eliminated in 6th place in the heat. He did come back and run the consey but didn't have much better luck then.

Just getting everything finalized on our cars before the derby, pitted with 2 of the Wanamaker Shakers.

Here is an action shot from heat number three, Both Travis Steinhauer, and Pat Miller from the Wanamaker Shakers are in it.

A mid 70's Wagon looking pretty rough, pretty quick.

Another shot of the same mid 70's ford wagon very well used up.

Larry Stats brought this nice deuce and a quarter and was hands down one of the favorites to win at this show.