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Marion County 2008

This is Jeff toward the end of the heat at Marion County's 2008 Friday night show. The Vic wagon is getting the nice traditional Hoi roll in the back.

Here is Jeff after winning the Friday night heat, still in great shape on his way to an eventual feature win that night.

This is Jeff in the Saturday night heat after repairs had been made to his feature-winning car from the night before.

Just another shot of Jeff on his way to winning his Saturday night heat race.

Here's a picture of Most of Hoi demo team, from Left to right; Aaron Rode, Jeff Beyer, Brad Rode, R.J. Hall, Pat Miller (A Wanamaker Shaker, and Hoi Demo teams Bastard Child). Not pictured is Bruce Stantz (he was out getting an Italian Sausage).

Here Jeff is early on in the Saturday night feature on his way to a 6th place finish. The back is finally starting to let go a little bit.

Jeff is pulling away after putting a tire shot an that nights second place finisher, Roger Murdick in his very tough Imp subbed Polara.

This Is Pat "The Impact" Millers car (Bastard child of Hoi Demo Team) after he qualified for his first ever feature.

Here is Pat on track during the Saturday night Feature. He ended up finishing 10th out of 14 cars before his fuel line got kinked.

Just another shot of the Team Standing around from left to right; Brad Rode, R.J. Hall, Pat Miller (Wanamaker Shaker), Jeff Beyer, and R.J. Hall. Bruce Stantz still wasn't present.