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Marion County 2006

This is my car early on in heat #2 of the Friday night show on my way to a heat win..

Here I am stalking a crown vic as the driver's not paying attention and heading straight for the wall.

This is me backing away after putting a solid hit on the front driverside tire of the roundback wagon.

This is Bruce in the midst of the Friday night feature on his way to an impressive 3rd place finish.

Here I am going back to back with a roundback wagon on my way to a 5th place finish in the Friday night feature.

This is Aaron at the Saturday night show in heat #1. This was a very hard hitting and competative heat.

The red flags have flown and Aaron is the heat winner. Besides a flat tire the caddy is still in great shape.

This is Jeff mixing it up with a 73 buick wagon in heat #2 on Saturday night.

Here's Jeff doing a little front end gouging at his competitors tire.

Here's Jeff waving to the fans after winning heat #2.

This is Aaron in his 74 caddy early on in the feature on Saturday night.

Aaron almost gets in trouble with the barricades halfway through the feature but manages to work himself loose.

Here Aaron has just put a good solid shot on a late model lincoln.

This is at the end of the feature when it was down to two. Aaron is sitting nose to nose with the eventual feature winner. Aaron had to settle for second when his tranny finally gave out on him.

This is Jeff early in feature, on his way to an impressive 3rd place finish, putting a good solid axel shot on a new style ford.

Here's Jeff trying to move through the carnage of the middle of the track and get a good solid hit on someone.

Well he was able to get through and put a hard shot right at the firewall of this 75 Pontiac.

Jeff was able to get this bubble top vic up on it's side during the feature. It's only the second time at Marion County someone has been put up like this. Jeff could have easily rolled him but let off the gas so he could try to get the car back in the action.