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Lucas Oil Stadium 2009

Here is R.J. sitting after being eliminated very early in the heat, when he took a bad shot and almost had his rear end knocked completely out from under him.

Just a picture of R.J. sitting all alone while everyone else is having fun in the background.

There where some good quality drivers at this show. Pictured here is Ed Woodward #10 Wagon, and Tony Dunn #89 Sedan.

Scott Evans (#4) just put a good shot on the front of Jimmy "Bad News" Baker #240..

The first roll over of the night.

The second roll over of the night.

Here is Travis Steinhauer (red/white/blue) putting it to eventual wrecking ball winner Jason Koch (gravedigger theme).

Here are a few of the hometown Marion County residents who were entered in the derby. Dennis Kite in car #A-1, and Travis Steinhauer in car #44.