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Greenfield 2008

Here I am in heat action of the 2008 Hancock County Fair Demolition Derby. This is the only photo I have of myself on the way to a feature win that night.

Here are some random action shots from the second night show. This is a picture of Greg Kight after just hitting the back end of Tony Metzgers hard sedan.

This is Ed Woodward at the second night show in the same car he let me drive to a feature win the night before.

Here is the eventual 5th place finisher of the night, Matt Fannin in the staging line getting ready to hit the track.

This is Scott Evans just as he is being eliminated after being pinned by a dead car on the track. The eventual feature winner corn (67jr) is in the background.

Here R.J. is early on in the heat of the 2008 Hancock County Fair open to the world Demolition Derby.

Just a shot of R.J.'s stone cold concentration on a very fast and dry track.

R.J. is trying to avoid taking a big shot while heading to the relative safety of the south end, where he can line up his next victim.

R.J. has just broke his stick and has been eliminated due to some minor electrical problems.

R.J. has fixed the problems and drives off the track under his own power. He would come back to win the consey before finishing 7th in the feature.