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Greenfield 2007

Here are from left to right; R.J., Aaron, and Bruce of Hoi Demo team finalizing my ride while I was in the drivers meeting.

This is me going back to back with a late 70's mopar pretty early in the heat.

This is the back end of the mopar a little later in the heat. I'll take that match up of my ford wagon ass to ass against a small mopar any day.

The rear end of my wagon was coming in just the way I like it about halfway through the heat.

Here I am sliding down the side of a vic after missing the an elusive axle breaking shot.

R.J. and Aaron are looking on as Bruce and Jeff are getting the last spot of the hood wired down before the heat race.

Aaron is backing away after getting an opponents axle. We love the mopar pointy nose bumper on the front of a caddy as the ultimate axle buster.

Here is Aaron getting ready to go back to back with demo legend Johnny Rutherford, who made the trip to Greenfield all the way from Ohio, with this very well built roundback wagon.

This is Aaron shortly before he was eliminated from the heat race due to some very bad mechanical luck. It was probably a blessing in disguise because the passenger side mounting point on the pointy nose gave way. His being eliminated prevented him from tearing the car up and allowed us to make the necessary repairs at the track.

Here is Aaron getting ready to enter the arena for the consolation heat as the sun was setting on the track.