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Brown County 2007

This is Tommy getting ready to mix it up right after the drop of the green flag on his farwell derby.

A little while into the heat. The back is getting a nice roll and Tommy is still looking pretty good in this big time underdog car.

Getting ready to put a good shot on a bubble Lincoln.

Here is Tommy pulling away after going back to back with a stout mid 70's 2-door chevy.

The car is still not looking to bad even though it is begining to get a little hot.

Tommy's trying to blast through an opening and get out of a tight spot.

Tommy's still mixing it up with that 2-door chevy even though he is starting to show some front end damage.

It's Getting down to the end. The car is still running good, even though he lost the radiator and it's starting to get a little hot.

It's all about over now. It was just too hard to steer with that front end damage, and Tommy ended up overheating just short of making the feature in his farewell run.

This is Aaron early on in a very easy heat that was all metric Gm's a few 80's Fords and himself.

Still early on and Aaron is heading down the track to put a good shot one of his competitors.

Coming back down the track to pick out another victim.

Here he is pulling away after putting a good solid shot on a Metric Gm and taking out his rear tire. On his way to the easiest heat win in to this point in his career.

A good shot of the stone cold concentration on Tommy's face as his farewell deby has just gotten underway.

This is Aaron after just after winning his heat race. Jeff's getting ready to do a little body work to the rear but the car is still looking stout.

The car was running very good during the heat, but Bruce is trying to get it dialed in just a little more.

Here I am contemplating jumping in Tommy's car for the consolation while in the background Bruce, Jeff, and Aaron are finishing up his car for the feature.