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Metal Mayhem (Oregon IL) 2005

This happened early in the heat, it was a very dry track.

Wes Whitaker putting the finishing touches on a used up wagon.

This was the only Cadillac entered in the old iron event.

A good action Shot in the middle of a heat race.

Cars still looking good at the begining of the heat.

The action was stopped when car #123 put another wagon on it's lid.

The front of this wagon's starting to come up a little to high.

One of the local guys, as you can tell he didn't have much luck that day.

Bobby Whitaker in the middle of his heat.

Not a very good picture of it but this is of a vic that was rolled in the 80 and newer show.

A Chevy on it's side, there were quite a few cars rolled or flipped at this show.

A well built wagon starting to get a little hot towards the end of the heat.

Most Sedans couldn't hold up against the wagons on this day, and there fate ended up similar to this one.

Unlike most, this Sedan still is in respectable shape in the middle of the heat.

Just a good shot of the Mayhem going on.

Car #0 just put another vic on it's side.

A nice looking wagon in the middle of the heat.

We are not big believers in the GM bubble tops, and this is why.

Car #17 has been herded toward the corner of the arena and is being worked over.

This is a comforting sight to look out over the derby track and see this in the backround.