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Well im not that funny,but here a blonde joke
seriously if u have ne jokes or stories pleez email them to me and i will post tem w/ ur name.
Why do blondes wear socks ?::: because they make good ankel warmers!!!
A blonde and a guy were walking throught a park and the guy says "look a dead bird" so the blond looks up and says where?? where??

heres so given to me by zac sidebottom
SUIDIDE OF HATE As I sit back and listen to the constant bickering I want to just shoot them in the eyes with their own hate and disbelief...I listen to the fuck you...and the Iím leaving and I want to just scream but all that comes out is tears and fuck you and fuck this I am ending it tomorrow yes tomorrow is the day that I will plummet to my death so I donít have to listen to the hate and the bickering no more. Well here I am getting ready to do it...sorry mom sorry dad I tried but I still cant handle what I am going here I write my final words so that away you donít have to worry about me no long...good bye...and as he fell and hit the top of the car his parents were too busy arguing to realize they have just lost their only and beloved son.

AFRAID Why is it that I sit here thinking of how it could have been...but it finally hit me there was no future there is no past just hatred and sorrow for ever falling for you sorry ass...first I sad I like you now I say I hate fucked with my life, you changed it to the way it is now...what my life could have been like if I would have never met wouldnít be afraid I wouldnít fear love and denial...but no I am now starting to forget how it used to it can be...I am now starting to not care about the denial I am starting to love again...but it just keeps getting harder and harder because well I am afraid of people!!!

Despair and Depression Yeah well I am going to go to my lair and weep in my own thoughts of despair and no donít stop me you would only make me swallow the hate the pain the misery inside...let the bitch die for all the pain...hang her by the thought and still wont feel the pain that I have endured over the many months weeks days of depression and no please donít stop me...please donít ease would only make it worse for there is no cure