These are just some poems i wrote this will get updated continuesly

I reached as far as i can
Offered u my caring hand
rejected like the fuking outkast that i am

wut am i to do
told u feel for me to
almost shead a tear
but lonliness is my only fear

when you see him
forever you will need him
in your eyes i see the sparkle
and never you will forget him

so now i lay in my own depression
thinkin how different i feel
the first time i needed to use my heart as a shield
and again to your heart i would yeild

Tales of the whirlind
as the fuked world spins
Today it will happen
to make u a better life to blend
As i see u in ur own depression
we all no how ur time is spent
Ranking her on the highest pedastal
you are shrugged off like a hater
You are forever bent
Suppose we were close
id fall in love
id luv u the most
more than a precious dove

THE tester lady is a bitch
ur no better than me u fukin witch
i hope u fukin die
goddammit die
now ur just makin me think bout the fuking itch

no more discrimination
ur not real
ur a lowzy imitation
u dont kare how we feel

i wished u dead
but how would it go
maybe id chopp of the head
but pain
that wouldnt be so
id take hot grease and let it rain
maybe id drive a nail throug ur heartless brain
then i could finnaly live in peace

lovly rose pedals
moths covered in metal
is the way our life goes
and u know its full of hoes

im not fuking 4
so dont treat me like it
im so fuking bored
wen i got home i felt like i just took a hit

leav me alone
let me be on my own
i can handle this
its just hard to piss

stupid fuking nosebleed
makes me wann smoke sum weed
im not that much in need
but gof i want some feed1

By: Megan Tracey

Inside of me there is this rage
My mind is locked up in a cage
The kind of people who make me mad
are never pissed or even sad
They love to see my face turn red
I壇 love to see them all drop dead
I can not be trusted with a gun
but if I was it would be fun
For I would love to see your fear
For you would know your death is near
I値l put the cold steel to your temple
You will be my first example
Why do you people fuck with me?
Why can稚 you just let me be?
You need a lesson taught to you
I値l give you a pain completely new
I値l slice, you dice you, fuck you up
I値l pour your blood into a cup
I値l feed your body to the cats
I値l feed your fingers to the rats
For your remains I値l dig a hole
And lock the secret in my soul

nice where all it belongs
the sun wont b here for long
now ill go and b alone
just pleez stay away
so i can keep my feelings at bay
so just stay the fuk away!!!

all alone
theres nutin worse
than to just si at home
in my goddamn curse
sum 1 to cum near
is all i need
theres nuttin to fear
w/ me things r all clear

never again will i feel this pain
this awful pain u left w/ a stain
now all i have left is these damn tears ta rain

as you stair lookin at the blade
forever you will say it was him in which u was made