w/ ppl if its good i relate them to me...if its diffrent form ppl...that nto rite sumthn in there it wtong
well suks wen u and this grl liek each other apparently she likes u back...then i dunno maybe ur jsut a dumasss and u let ur mind think shit that u dotn need to think...and u jsut stop calling her..and u wanna tell her that ur sorry ...but then u think wat am i apoligizing for..that i was thinkin stuff from realitivly nuthin...but then u start thinkin will she even care...u call her and her parents say shes not there so then u think that she told her parents not to let u talk to her cuz she hates u...all in all im a fukiong dumass and i might have blown sumthn that could have been very special goes on i guess..altho sumtimes u really cant help but live in the past...
ok hey so this is wuts up now...that problem w/ the teacher for sum reason she fukin luvs me now. and the term has ended and i have new classes, sadly i dotn have clawman or myers, those were very fun clases to have, makin fun of the was great clawmans lastr year was awsum e and dustin...laughin all the tiem over clamans antics.
Okay well u see me and my teacher have aproblem i seem to not want to say the pledge at school in first block.she said "Jon please stand up" "u cant make im not doing it"i say...then she attepms to write me a detention "im not serving a detention i did nuttin wrong"i said. so the moral of the story is she is a bitch.
my boss is a fuking ass hole and he likes to be a complete and total prick abotu the fact that i wanna leave work early. and the thing is i get off in a half hour neways, and i had nuthin left do to, so i was all pissed

Well a lot sure has happend recently.take the fact that i helped a close freind get thru a toough situation, and now i am starting to like her
Work reely suks i hate it so much
Last night i smoked a joint i shouldnt have but i did.Now im still kinda messed up and i have to go to work messed up i wouldnt recommmend it,plus i made a promise to someone that i wouldnt.
Okay so hers somthin: Isnt it funny how life treats you one moment u like a girl mor than uve ever liked someone, then the next moment ur talkin to her one nite and u totally open up to each other, its so crazy, but its for the better i guess, with all of this being after she rejected u, now ur liek best friends. :)

eww this suks u guys i have to get mouth surgery on the 20 of june it totally blos,i cant do nothin for a week,+im gettin my wisdom teeth pulled...Okay i just had my surgery.It totally sukes my goddamn mouth hurts likea mother fuker,my goddamn family is driving me fuking crazy, askin me if i wany fuking ice pak how in the fuk am i supposed to no, aint no 1 told me how the fuk im supposded to treat this,god i wish everyone would leev me the fuk alone,goddamn im not fuking 2.
well my damn face is all swollen and puffy and numb and shit it suks, and i cant eat nehting, i would kill to have a damn cheeseburger rite now. awww..and sometiems i drool on myself its kinda gross but owelll.and i also have massive nose bleeds they suk sweaty donky penis....yea im fine now...
Sumthin strange u no 1 day u think u mite like this grl and then u find out ur friens likes her so u just bak off and even find out if she likes him