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yea i think that the frinds i ahve now r i sit here and there in my living room atleast alot of them and it just makes me smile how u can look at sum of them and jsut think wow hes soo fuking really good frinds that i luv more than nehtign r as follows...daphne arnold chris smith derek cooper jason steffy, dustin matthews sam matthews sammi floyd ashley emmons chrystal hooten...and prolly sum others...also im i really consider lyndsey harner my frind and i used to theink she was stuck up but no i really liek her d

yes u came here u r so kool u know, yea member to sign guestbook my friends rock and r funny as hell april emmons: also came and visited me, she kool to i just never thought she reely cared for me
ne that comes and visits me willautomaticcly get put on this thingie ok.JOAN IS ALSO MY FRIEDNS
Alrite ive met alotta new pppl recenlty... so heres some more ppl bill and brian, abby stinchfield. ashley emmons and laurie reister, i luv those the damn tape, nick mayhall, arec padgett, chris smith derek cooper, jason steffy,, sammi whitney,chandra,kirby ,...