Family Guy has always been one of the more unique animated series in the current day and age. Always developing their own witty style of comedy, the Griffins have never tried to be the Simpsons or anyone but themselves. In turn, Seth McFarland gained a borderline obsessive fan base that would never let the show die. When the show was cancelled in 2002, fans showed their appreciation by purchasing the DVDs and with the high ratings of the syndicated reruns on Cartoon Network and TNT network, the show was brought back by Fox in 2005 for new episodes. The results have shown one thing: Family Guy has not missed a beat. It is one of only a handful of shows to be cancelled and then brought back with success. After the success of the short, but effective fourth season, Seth McFarland and crew worked took it one step further: a straight to DVD full length movie, titled: Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. Being that no other production of family guy had been over 25 minutes, the priority to keep it interesting was priority number one. The movie stars, using “stars” lightly, Stewie Griffin in his quest to find his real father. Stewie, convinced his father is not Peter because Peter is too stupid, sees someone who he thinks is his father on television and decides to go on a road trip to San Francisco to find the mysterious man. Brian, the family’s talking dog, joins Stewie to stay with him. Stewie eventually finds Not to give any of the rest of the movie way, but the results are hilarious. A highlight of the movie, and pretty surprising highlight at that, is how well the characters all seem to be doing different yet all important things at any given time. At no point do you sit back and think “Where has Meg been the entire movie?”
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