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Mr Boom Ray Lincoln



height: 5'7"


Sinn City

Feds Worked:




Titles held:

1 time CRW JR.Champion and 1 time CCW heavywieght Champion

Favorite Moment in CRW:Being CRW Jr Champion For 7th months!

3 signiture Moves:

Spring Board Elebow Drop


Body siccors Bull-Dog


The Boom

Ray Lincoln, A.K.A. Mr.Boom Despite being extremely undersized, this guy can go. Perhaps maybe the best undiscovered talent in the entire midwest. With his flashy moves and natural chrasima, not to mention his super-intense attitude in ring, you would never guess he only wieghs 150 pounds by the way he carries himself. Yet at the same time this could be his only downfall sometimes letting his temper get the best of him and his foes. But possibly the most incredible thing about this young man is his uncanny ability to grab a crowds attention, whether if he is soaring through the air risking his own well being or punching his enemys teeth out or just giving a tempicle Mr.Boom promo, he always has the crowds undivided attention.He has held the tag team titles with H-bomb and/or Colton Cash, yet his greatest achievement is retaining the junior title for 7 months something that is incredible in its self considering the fierce competion in that division, in other words Lincoln has made the junior title something more than just a belt! He claims he hails from Sin City U.S.A. which we really dont know where that is, but it dont exactly sound like Mayberry,maybe thats where he gets his attitude from growing up on the streets and having to survive anyway he could, never the less its only a matter of time before this 22 year old has the entire midwest chanting Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln...

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